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St Paul's Church

Before The Service

  • The main Sunday Service is at 9.30am. Most people park in the Parish Rooms Car Park on Reading Road, or on Reading Road itself.
  • There is no toilet in Church- the only toilet is in the Parish Rooms itself so it’s worth trying to slip in there before you head over to Church.
  • Please just wear whatever clothes you feel comfortable in- there is no dress code when it comes to God!
  • When you walk in you will be made welcome by one of the Sidespeople who will hand you the books you need to join in with the whole service. They’re great people to ask if you have any questions.
  • There are no reserved seats in Church (apart from the organ stool) so pause, look round and decide where you would like to sit. Most people try to sit near the central aisle so they can get the best view of the main East window and the front of Church where the service is led from. If you sit somewhere in the middle then you can see and hear everything but also copy what the people in front of you do when they stand and sit. 
  • Please don’t worry about anything. If you’re not sure what to do, look around and see what others are doing. If you don’t know which book to hold then ask someone nearby. Anyone around you will be happy to help with anything. 

During The Service

  • St Paul’s has a strong Eucharistic focus, which means that (every Sunday and during the week as well) we obey Jesus’ instruction to share bread and wine and remember him. Services are structured to allow us all to focus on the beauty of holiness. The building, the music, the smell of incense (which rises to heaven like our prayers), the sense of timelessness and excellence, all help us come close to God. If you find it strange just let things happen around you for a time and allow God to speak to you.
  • There are groups for those aged 2-11 during the Service, which meet in the Parish Rooms. The groups are prayed for at the front during the Service and then go out together. If you’d like to find out more details about J-Club, please ring Becca on 0118 327 9116. 

After The Service

  • Excellent Fairtrade coffee and biscuits are served in the Parish Rooms which is a great chance to meet people, to talk to people and to ask questions.
  • There will always be a member of the Clergy and/or a Churchwarden on the door for you to talk to. If you’d like to find out about anything, ask. If you’d like one of the clergy to visit you, ask.
  • And remember- everyone sat around you came to St Paul’s for the first time once. And they are all delighted to be praying and singing and worshipping with you.  


Saint Paul's Church is an Anglican church in the town of Wokingham, Berkshire. It is part of the Diocese of Oxford. It is open every day for peace and reflection, and visitors are always welcome. Our worship is at the centre of our life, but many different activities flow from it as we seek to reach out into our community. We impose no conditions upon those who come through our doors other than a willingness to be open to the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ. The worship tradition at St Paul's can probably be best described as Anglo-Catholic. For what that means, click Anglo-Catholic  A reflection on who is welcome at St Paul's - A Warm Welcome


In his book "Anglicanism", Martyn Percy, the Dean of Oxford Cathedral writes of the Church of England and of each Parish Church of places where building something vital is a journey, a thought with which we entirely agree:

"As a Church we tend to cook issues slowly. We savour and discern the varying flavours of the issues that unite and divide us. We believe that to become church takes time; that unity is not uniformity; and that some of the sharpest and seemingly bitterest things we chew on are best taken slowly. Sometimes, that frustrates and infuriates. But it is also what we celebrate too. Church, like prayer itself, is a banquet to savour even if not everything at table is to our liking. Perhaps above all else, this really should not be hurried. Church, like prayer, is for growing into; we break bread apart so we can share in Christ's body corporately. So we always break it together; and this necessarily takes time- which is what the church ultimately is; rich time, shared with each other, feasting on the bread of life." [p. 9-10] 


Father Richard Lamey

Assistant Priests

Father Patrick Mukholi

​Mother Julie Mintern


the Rev'd Judi Hattaway
Father Roy Holmes



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