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Evensong - The Beatitudes

Rev'd Dr Will Lamb


The Mystery of Grace

Will Lamb Preaching

All of the clergy
Evensong - The Beatitudes

Alison Webster.


How to be well

Alison Webster Preaching

All of the clergy
Sunday before Lent Mthr Jane 11/02/2018 The transfiguration - Mark 9:2-9 Read the Sermon
Evensong - Cloud of Witnesses

Rev’d Canon Joanna Collicutt.


A close look at St Paul

Joanna Collicutt Preaching

All of the clergy
Evensong - Reformation 500 years Rev'd Teresia Derlen 15/10/2017

The Reformation - Martin Luther

Teresia Derlen Preaching

All of the clergy
Thanksgving Sunday Fr Richard 29/09/2017 Giving of our time
Trinity VI Fr Richard 16/07/2017  
Trinity III Fr Richard 25/06/2017  
Evensong - Reformation 500 years Fr David O'Sullivan 02/07/2017

The Reformation - A Roman Catholic pespective

Fr David Preaching

Mthr Julie, Fr Richard, Fr David
Trinity II Fr Richard 18/06/2017 Members of the body of Christ
Trinity I Fr Richard 18/06/2017 Making people know that the Kingdom of God has come near
Trinity Sunday Mthr Jane 11/06/2017 Describing the Trinity
Pentecost Fr Richard 23/04/2017 We are an Easter people, we are a Pentecost people. (response to attack in Southwark)
Easter VII Mthr Judi 28/05/2017 Ascension


Evensong - Cloud of witnesses Revd Dieniol Morgan 21/05/2017 Shaping our NationalismDeiniol Morgan Deiniol Morgan,Richard and David
Easter VI Fr Peter 21/05/2017 Celebrating 130 years in the priesthood for Ivor, Ken, and Roy
Easter II Fr Richard 23/04/2017 Church Growth, our joint responsibility
Easter Sunday - All together Mass Fr Richard 16/04/2017 The image of the Resurrection
Easter Sunday - Dawn Service Fr Richard 16/04/2017 Resurrection - gently working with us
Palm Sunday Fr Richard 09/04/2017 Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem
Mothering Sunday Fr Richard 26/03/2017 Like a mother hen gathering her chicks under her wing
Evensong - Cloud of witnesses Revd Ben Kautzer 19/03/2017 The peace of God that transforms the worldBen Kautzer Ben Kautzer and Richard
1st Sunday of Lent Fr Richard 03/03/2017 How to make God happy
Ash Wednesday Fr Richard 01/03/2017 Difficult questions Jesus asks us
Sunday Next before Lent Mthr Judi 05/02/2017 Transfiguration


Evensong - Cloud of witnesses Fr Richard, Rev Patrick. and Mthr Julie 19/02/2017 Surrounded by so great a cloud of witness Julie, Patrick and Richard
2nd Sunday before Lent Rev Patrick 19/02/2017 The birds of the air
Candlemas Mthr Julie 29/01/2017  
Conversion of St Paul Fr Richard 22/01/2017  


0 #1 Peter Wells 2014-02-24 13:29
I thought Hannah's sermon was clear and interesting. She picked up the threads from both the old testemant (Genesis) and Gospel (Matthew) very well.