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Researching possible schemes

At the May meeting of the PC, it was decided that we would engage Bruce Kirk a lighting consultant with Light Perceptions ( to lead us through the design and installation of the new lighting scheme. A small group of us were taken by Bruce to visit three previous church lighting schemes managed by his team.


The first was All Saints, Carshalton

This church is extremely ornate, with layers of gilded decoration. The main lighting comes from ornate pendants lights, each fitting having 24 bulbs. The style of the lighting fitted the surrounding perfectly, but gave plenty of flexibility. The pendants are augmented by strategically placed spotlights.




The second, St John the Baptist, Old Malden

St John’s is a smaller church, lit by much simpler ‘arts and crafts’ pendant lights, again with occasional spotlights to highlight specific features. The overall effect being unobtrusive and effective





The last church we visited was St Mary’s Church, Ealing.

The lighting is all by spotlight, strategically placed for dramatic effect. This lighting scheme was designed to highlight the many unusual architectural features, and to enhance the evangelical worship.






These provided us with a wealth of ideas about different ways to provide lighting that makes good use of space, enhances worship, and highlights the beauty of the building. Which proved very useful when Bruce re-visited us at St Paul’s to discuss preliminary ideas. We were able to point out areas we felt were important. Bruce explained various options, and talked about the importance of designing a scheme that enhances everything that happens in the church, but is also sympathetic to the building’s history. After a very productive meeting, Bruce left with our ideas, pictures he had taken, measurements, and even copies of old (pre-1900) photographs of the inside of the church to start on a ‘Concept’ document which will show us what can be achieved. We are expecting this document to be available for discussion at the September PCC meeting.

We will be reaching out to other groups that use the church to gather further opinions, so if anyone has any ideas please let us know.